Paediatric Trauma Symposium 2020

Preliminary Program

07.30       Registration and coffee

08.00 Welcome to PTS2020
Introduction of the day
Who are we, and why are we here?

08.15 Preparing for Paediatric Trauma
How is it possible to train and prepare for paediatric trauma patients?

Are we ready - paediatric ready?
Paediatric readiness - European style

08.45 Prehospital Trauma Care

Ensuring oxygenation
Practical airway and ventilatory support

Ensuring perfusion
Practical vascular access and transfusion strategies

Ensuring mobility and Stability
Practical in-line Stabilization

Q & A
Audience perspective

09.45 Break and meet the sponsors

10.15 Emergency Room Trauma Care

“To scan or not to scan”
Use of CT scanners in modern paediatric trauma care

“Please lie still”
Practical Procedural Sedation in the Non-Fasted Child

The ideal paediatric trauma team leader
Debate: An expert in trauma care and a paediatrician

Q & A
Audience perspective

11.15 A Dilemma Case

A case that challenged everybody
Sharing key aspects of the challenge of paediatric trauma care

Ask the experts
Extended panel debate

12.00 Lunch and meet the sponsors

13.00 Operating Room Trauma Care

Damage control surgery in paediatrics
Clinical pearls

"Damage control" anaesthesia
Clinical pearls

Fluid therapy, transfusion and haemostasis
Clinical pearls

Q & A
Audience perspective

14.00 Paediatric Burns

Specific challenges
Saving life and preventing “scarring”

Pain therapy
..and keeping the pain away

Q & A
Audience perspective


The emotional impact

The Parental Perspective
Live or recorded case presentation

The emotional impact on health care workers – PTSD, burn-out, and resilience
Staying emotionally healthy in an unhealthy environment

15.30 Break and meet the sponsors

16.00 Trauma Kids in the ICU

Preparing for children in the adult ICU
Paediatric readiness at the ICU

Blunt trauma observation and management
Conservative strategies and how to implement

Head trauma observation and management
The who, the where and the how of paediatric head trauma management

Q & A
Audience perspective

17.00 Paediatric “Mass-Casualty” Trauma Care

First person perspective
Case story – the challenge of paediatric disaster

Paediatric triage
Managing chaos

Larger scale paediatric readiness
The ultimate disaster protocol challenge

Q & A
Audience perspective

18.00 End of PTS2020

 18.30 Post Meeting Tour

Visit the Rigshospitalet TraumaCentre and Helipad
First come, first served – limited capacity - 40 delegates

Bus ride: Venue (DGI Byen) - Rigshospitalet


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